KITAU is a leading provider of cutting-edge automation, innovation and robotic technologies. We look at providing solutions and services for many industrial, business, governmental and research sectors. Despite how much we’ve grown, one thing hasn’t changed, the enthusiasm in pursuing a more optimum process for our clients and partners. 

Please take the time to learn more about our background, mission and managing team members below in this page.


Founded in 2018 KITAU became a leading provider of cutting-edge robotic technologies. Beginning by designing & programing mobile robotic systems for industrial use, thus able to develop fully autonomous solutions bespoke requirements. KITAU then branched out into developing autonomous solutions for the digital transformation. From RPA to Data Analysis and Digital Asset Management, KITAU is a one stop location for all your digital automation needs.


KITAU aims to make automation seamless and accessible for the masses. We plan to lower the entry barrier to allow all companies to access cutting edge technologies in order to promote growth and sustainability to maximise our clients potential. 

We always take bold risks, it’s part of our DNA, always pushing the boundaries of innovation, in search of greater possibilities.

​Build strong lasting relationships with clients through continuously shared learning and growth. We understand that by working together to digitally empower your business processes we can recalibrate the way human labour is used in the future. Trusting the trans-formative power of automation is the first step towards unleashing the boundless potential of people.

​Defined by diversity of all kinds, open in the way we listen, honest in the way we speak. We aim to build open, reliable and long lasting relationships with clients and partners.

Management Team

Kevon Kelly

Founder and CEO

Winner of Young Innovator of the Year 2022, and finalist in 2021, he has built and led the KITAU name for the past five years. A BEng graduate of mechanical engineering from Coventry University and MSc graduate in robotics engineering from The University of Birmingham, he is always looking to push to new heights and have KITAU on top when it comes to automation. With over five years management experience and seven years industry and robotics experience, he has become specialised and passionate in automation, robotics, AI programming and machine learning.

Dr. Ahmed Mustafa

Lead Mechanical and R&D Engineer

A specialist in fluid mechanics, haemodynamics and analytical modelling with biomimetic applications. A BEng graduate in mechanical engineering from Coventry University and PhD in biotechnology from The University of Sheffield, he is always looking to impact the research sector and consult in multi-disciplinary fields. Over five years research experience and management, including seven years teaching/lecturing in higher education, he has helped KITAU lead fast and impactful innovation and output, and become very acquainted with machine learning and dynamic system modelling.